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Subscription FAQ

Is the desktop app subscription auto-renewing?

No. When you purchase a desktop license, it will be active for three months from the purchase date. After that, the user can manually renew it for another quarter, or go back to the free version.

Is the iOS app subscription auto-renewing?

Yes it is. The iOS is an annual subscription, that will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the period. You can manage and cancel your subscription in your iTunes Account Settings at any time.

I have a desktop subscription, do I need an iOS subscription to test the video clips I prepare before sending them to the Actor?

No you don't. You can prepare the video clips on the desktop app and then review them on a non-subscribed iOS device. Same as if you were the Actor.

Why do you have a free desktop app?

We made the free desktop app to help IOS users on copying and pasting the metadata from the ADR cue sheets into the video clips on a Mac. It is faster than cueing them on the metadata editor of the iOS app. Users will still need a subscription to the iOS app to encrypt the videos, before sending them to the Actor.

Which subscription should I choose?

If you want to work fast you should get the desktop Pro license, which allows to import the metadata automatically from an xls file. EdiCue users will benefit as now EdiCue can create the small video clips and export them to our app. If you need an extra layer of security the Pro version offers a custom AES encryption on your video clips. The Standard license offers the ability to send the video clips directly from the desktop, which is faster and easier than having to send them from an iOS device. Lastly, the iOS subscription is the budget solution that will work fine for cueing a few clips.

Editors FAQ

Which video formats are supported by Actors Mobile ADR?

We recommend working with MP4, H264 codec, 1280 x 720 pixels. MOV format is also compatible.

What is the best option for sending the video clips to the actor?

The easiest way is to send the large zip using the Mail app, that uses the Mail Drop service. Please check the tutorial

Is there a way to keep recording after the first take, doing wild recordings (Parroting)?

Yes, parroting is possible. The first thing you need to do is leaving ample post-roll (or black) in the clips for the actor to parrot over. Then actors must put their headphones on, go to Settings and deactivate the Talking Blue Head. They will hear the 3 beeps, the wipe, and then the guide track is muted.

What is the best option for the actors to send audio files over the 25MB email limit?

For sending audio files over the 25MB limit, they can use Mail Drop. It delivers using the iCloud service. Please have in mind it has a limitation up to 5GB per file. (More info)

The actor is not able to import the encrypted videos I sent. Open with "Mobile ADR" seems not to be working.

Please make sure the actor is choosing “Copy to Mobile ADR” instead of “Mobile ADR” on the sharing menu. If the option is not available. Swipe to left on the same menu, tap on the “More” option, look for “Copy to Mobile ADR” and tap on it, as this video shows
iOS14 users please check this video

I send the videos to the app but they never appear.

Please make sure the name of the videos does not contain any illegal character which may be generating a conflict, such as “:”.

I can’t get WhatsApp working on the iPad for sending files. What’s wrong?

WhatsApp is not officially supported on iPad. We recommend switching to Telegram.

May I use Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box to send the videos to the actor?

You can, although Mail Drop is easier. Please note that the actors will need to have installed the corresponding service App on their iOS device to be able to open the link on the Actors Mobile ADR App. For sending videos via Google Drive, check our video tutorial