Actors Mobile ADR™

Record sync ADR on an iOS device.

Actors can preview, playback, and record, enabling them to match pitch, performance, and sync, similar to a professional ADR stage. 

The Editor sends encrypted ADR video clips to the Actor who then records and sends back time stamped Wav files.

Actors Mobile ADR™ (Free) 
for iOS (iOS 10.0+)

Actors Mobile ADR is Free for Actors
The Actor imports a single zip file of video clips from the Editor. Then preview, record, and playback ADR.
At the end of the session, the 24/48 Wav recordings are sent back to the Editor in a single zip file.

Actors Mobile EDITOR  
for Mac Desktop (OSX 10.14+)

The Editor drops a folder of video clips with a database file on the application to automatically add metadata. Encrypt the video clips with a custom password and send them to the Actor in a single zip file.

Free for Actors
Subscriptions for Editors

Actors Mobile

Auto-Import all metadata from XLS
Password encryption (Custom AES)
Send video clips from desktop
No iOS device required

Actors Mobile
EDITOR Standard

Manually Copy metadata fields from PDF
Basic encryption (Fixed AES)
Send video clips from desktop
No iOS device required

Create ADR video clips with EdiCue v3.2

Drop your full-length videos and PDF ADR cues onto EdiCue.
EdiCue will export the video clips and a database file into a folder.
Drop the EdiCue created folder onto Actors Mobile EDITOR,
and send the encrypted video clips to the Actor. 
*Professional license is required.

EdiCue & Actors Mobile EDITOR Pro was designed for speed.

Read the Pro Tools Expert article

Legacy Support

Actors Mobile EDITOR for Mac replaced the old iOS Editor subscription.
The iOS Editor subscription is still supported.

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